First Flight With The Hexo+

We finally got our Hexo+! I’m really excited about what it’s going to be able to bring to Flying90. This video was just a quick test, as we were short on time. One thing to remember before your first flight, is there is a pretty heavy firmware update that has to be installed before the first flight so it’s best to do it at home before you take it out to your filming location. I think it downloads through the app so it’s best to have your phone hooked up to wi-fi instead of cellular!

I’m really impressed with the first flight and as most of you know, we also preordered the lily drone, and it sure is going to give it a run for it’s money!


One response to “First Flight With The Hexo+

  1. HI Max,

    That’s is pretty cool. I should be at the College May 23,24,25 training the EMS instructors.

    Dane Pitarresi SKIDCAR SYSTEM, INC Driver & Rider Training Technologies 6440 SKY POINTE DRIVE STE 140 PMB 141 LAS VEGAS, NV 89131 702.395.2896

    2016 Driver and Rider Training Symposiums April 2016, Reno, NV USA

    Meet the newest member of the SKIDCAR™ family Visit Us on Facebook!


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