Mt. Figueroa Wildflowers

If you haven’t heard the wildflowers are running rampant at Mt. Figueroa and other locations across California! We chose to check them out in the Figueroa area because that is somewhat close to our house! Pretty neat if you ask me! It’s interesting how one part of the mountain will be littered with one type of wildflower, and then in another spot it won’t be! All in all, a very cool experience and a don’t miss while they are still there! In fact, it seemed like everyone from the valley decided to check it out at the same time, and the police had to block off the road and not let anyone else in! Thankfully we got there early before the masses started to show up! Check out the end of the video to see what I’m saying.


FigueroaWildflowers-13 FigueroaWildflowers-12 FigueroaWildflowers-11 FigueroaWildflowers-10 FigueroaWildflowers-9 FigueroaWildflowers-8 FigueroaWildflowers-7 FigueroaWildflowers-6 FigueroaWildflowers-5 FigueroaWildflowers-4 FigueroaWildflowers-3 FigueroaWildflowers-2 FigueroaWildflowers-1


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