Refugio Beach, California

I recently visited Refugio Beach for a little surf action but it was so flat, there wasn’t a chance of any rides. Which means it was time to bust out the drone, which I just fixed! A while back I posted a video about what my phantom was doing and after replacing the ribbon cable, I ended up having to buy a totally new camera for it! So this video was it’s second maiden flight. I also can’t believe how many views it’s been getting! 37,480 views on Facebook since being uploaded on Tuesday! Thank you everyone for watching!

Here are some photos from camping there over the weekend!

img_1594 img_1595 img_1596 img_1597 img_1598 img_1599 img_1600 img_1601 img_1602 img_1603 img_1604 img_1605 img_1606 img_1607 img_1608 img_1609 img_1610 img_1611 img_1612 img_1613 img_1614 img_1615 img_1616 img_1617 img_1618 img_1619 img_1620 img_1622




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