Canyon Fire, Lompoc, California — Air Base

I was invited to come check out some of the helicopters that are providing air support on the Canyon Fire! So awesome watching the logistics of everything take place and working perfectly together. I can’t believe I was that close to a Firehawk helicopter!!

cfireairbase-1 cfireairbase-2 cfireairbase-3 cfireairbase-4 cfireairbase-5 cfireairbase-6 cfireairbase-7 cfireairbase-8 cfireairbase-9 cfireairbase-10 cfireairbase-11 cfireairbase-12 cfireairbase-13 cfireairbase-14 cfireairbase-15 cfireairbase-16 cfireairbase-17 cfireairbase-18 cfireairbase-19 cfireairbase-20 cfireairbase-21 cfireairbase-22 cfireairbase-23 cfireairbase-24 cfireairbase-25 cfireairbase-26 cfireairbase-27 cfireairbase-28 cfireairbase-29 cfireairbase-30


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