Oak Canyon Fire, Lompoc, California — Photos

At 1:08 I got an alert that there was ANOTHER vegetation fire in Lompoc, and this one was a little more south than the one that flared up yesterday. Here are some photos I took of the fire! Stay tuned for the time lapse video, I’m pretty sure the retardant drops made in in there! Fingers crossed!

washingtonfire-1 washingtonfire-2 washingtonfire-3 washingtonfire-4 washingtonfire-5 washingtonfire-6 washingtonfire-7 washingtonfire-8 washingtonfire-9 washingtonfire-10 washingtonfire-11 washingtonfire-12 washingtonfire-13 washingtonfire-14 washingtonfire-15 washingtonfire-16 washingtonfire-17 washingtonfire-18 washingtonfire-19 washingtonfire-20 washingtonfire-21 washingtonfire-22 washingtonfire-23 washingtonfire-24 washingtonfire-25 washingtonfire-26 washingtonfire-27 washingtonfire-28 washingtonfire-29 washingtonfire-30 washingtonfire-31 washingtonfire-32 washingtonfire-33 washingtonfire-34 washingtonfire-35 washingtonfire-36 washingtonfire-37 washingtonfire-38 washingtonfire-39 washingtonfire-40


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