Visiting the San Salvador Ship, Morro Bay, California

The San Salvador Ship is docked in Morro Bay, California and that’s a pretty quick drive from where I live, so why wouldn’t I want to go check out a replica ship! Not going to lie, I did think this was a restored version of the original, but I guess that would be almost impossible huh?

san-salvador-1 san-salvador-2 san-salvador-3 san-salvador-4 san-salvador-5 san-salvador-6 san-salvador-8 san-salvador-9 san-salvador-10 san-salvador-11 san-salvador-15 san-salvador-16 san-salvador-17 san-salvador-18 san-salvador-19 san-salvador-20 san-salvador-21 san-salvador-24 san-salvador-25 san-salvador-26 san-salvador-27 san-salvador-29 san-salvador-30 san-salvador-31 san-salvador-32




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