I recently discovered that I had some exposures left in my Canon AE-1 camera, so I tried my best not to take photos of stupid things and blow through the remaining shots. After finishing the roll, I sent it to The DarkRoom

Here are the results here! The turn around time was extremely fast. They received my order on the 13th, and I just received an email saying my scans were ready to download, and my prints would be delivered soon. I really wanted to wait to see my photos until the prints came, but I couldn’t help myself. I’m pretty happy with how they came out, except for the ones that have all the light leaks/streaks on them, which is due to me waiting so long to develop the film since I put the roll in the camera in the first place. The roll has been in there since 2013…

I’m pretty happy with the process of using The Darkroom and will definitely be using them again in the future! As you can see by the photos, the light leak or smear happened in the same spot on almost each photo. I wonder if that is because the film was in the camera for so long? Or was it during the development process.. My best guess was it was because the film was in the camera for maybe 4+ years. I missed shooting film, and can’t wait to see what my 110 and 120 rolls produce!


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