I finally finished my 110 roll in my Bany Diana camera by Lomography!

If you don’t know what a Baby Diana is, it is a small, very small, toy camera that shoots on 110 film! The small old school kind our parents used to use.

A quick story on why I own this camera.. It was actually by a total idiot mistake! I wanted to get a few rolls to use in my Holga camera and shoot that again, but I haven’t used it in almost 4 years and when I was looking at the film choices I thought it was the 110 option. I was pretty confused when it arrived and felt like a total rookie when I realized it was the wrong film. BUT is it still the wrong film if you end up having the camera? Before I bought my Holga, I had a hard time choosing between the Holga and the Diana and ultimately picked the Holga. So since I had this roll of 110 film, and didn’t have a Diana camera, I figured why not! So back in the beginning of 2016 I became a proud owner of a Baby Diana! Here are the photos taken with it on the Lomography color negative film, developed and scanned by The Dark Room!



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