Gudak Camera App Photos – VOL. 1

I’ve been using this iPhone camera app called the Gudak cam. They’ve created a disposable camera that is an app that makes you feel like you’re living in the 90’s again! The realistic features include, 24 exposures per roll, which will only let you see the photos once it’s been “developed.” Developed means that you have to wait 3 full days, after you complete your roll, before you can see your photos! Once you finish your roll, you have to wait an hour before they’ll give you another roll. Also it gives you the tiniest of viewfinder to try and setup your shot, plus as an extra fun detail, it makes the clicking sound when it advances the film! No matter how much I get made fun of by my friends for using it, I still love it! This app plus the free prints app has really cut down on my Polaroid use, which in turn saves quite a bit of money! Here are some of my favorites I’ve taken so far.. Enjoy!



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