Canon FD Mount Lens Adapter – Photos

I’ve been shooting a lot of film recently, if you couldn’t tell from my previous posts. It got me thinking, there has to be an adapter to use the lens on the Canon AE-1, to be able to use it on a modern day Canon EF lens! With a quick search on Amazon, and doing research through reviews, I found one with that was relatively inexpensive (in case it totally sucked) with a glass element! Everyone in the reviews said this was the most important part in order for the focus to be correct. The mount on the AE-1 is called an FD mount. The adapter is pretty easy to install with the lens, but it does require some knowledge of photography to use! First of all, the lens is completely manual with the Rebel t2i. The fun part about this is you have to figure out the best shutter speed, ISO, and aperture combo! With that being said I found the lens at it’s sharpest between 2.8 and 8. Anything bigger than 2.8 was just completely over exposed.  I went on a photo mission at La Purisma with my Aunt and Uncle to test out the adapter, and here are some of my favorite photos from it! Enjoy! HERE IS WHERE YOU CAN FIND THE ADAPTER! Don’t forget, only 4 more days until the photo competition starts! Click on the link on the left to be taken to the entry page!


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