Hipstamatic – iPhone Camera App

The first ever iPhone camera app I ever downloaded is called Hipstamatic. I liked the ability to get the “Lomo” effect, without having to buy all the different cameras and film.

Now when I said, the ability to get the “Lomo” effect without having to buy all the cameras. The app does come with quite a bit of lenses and films, but in the store, they have an extreme number of other items for purchase! Most of the packs are a $1.

I love using this app because I think it does a pretty good job of recreating the analog look! Don’t get me wrong, nothing will be able to replace film, but this app does the best I’ve found yet.

The app is really straight forward to use. You can take multiple exposures with the tab on the upper left hand corner. Also on the left you can see what film you are currently using. Below that is the review button and the film read button. Yes just like a regular film camera, you have to wait a “wind” second before the shot is ready to review. The lock icon disables the duplicate original shot, and doesn’t allow you to adjust any of the other settings. This is ok with me, because why would I want full control over it if I’m trying to go for the “Lomo” look. The slider below the viewfinder allows you to push or pull the film 1 stop each. The T slider to the bottom right of the viewfinder is the Telephoto or the Wide angle option. The 3 circles will bring you to the camera options screen where you can pick your different camera favorites. The big yellow button is obviously the shutter button, with the shutter speed wheel right above it. The bottom right arrow will take you back to the home menu.

All the ocean photos I found in the app that I took a few years ago! The photos of Cow, Pie, Will, Bella, and Jackson are recent with the Beard Lens and the Lite film! Enjoy!



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