If you look at the timeline, I only made 3 posts to this site last year.. THREE! But I did manage to make 45 videos! Last year was pretty exciting to say the least! The reason for the lack of posting is because I was actually sort of locked out of my WordPress account.. Here’s why two-step authentication is kind of a pain in the butt if you lose it. In 2016 I was running into the “Need to free up space on your iPhone in order to take a photo” moments and was going through my apps and clearing out the ones I didn’t use at all. My computer always stayed logged in to this account so I completely forgot about it needing the two-step key, provided by the Google Authenticator app that I so easily deleted! Not to fret, I won’t come to realize this mistake until May of 2018! So 2 years later I end up getting a new computer and when I go to log in to my account it asks for the two-step code from the Google App which has been long long gone.. What I would do would be to edit everything on one computer, then AirDrop everything over to my old computer so I could post it to this site. Which is why there was only 3 posts last year. But after about an hour of live chatting with WordPress help, I was able to get turn off the two-step authenticator and get access into my account again! Stay tuned for more content this year and a new updated Flying90!

My first big adventure of the year was a solo mob out to the Carrizo Plains National Monument! Such a rad place out there, if you couldn’t tell by my recent post that that place holds a special place in my heart.

After that I ended up taking a random trip to Barcelona! I’m still working on that video (almost over a year later) and unfortunately its been so long that my computer offloaded all the footage to iCloud and the project got kind of jacked up in Final Cut, so I haven’t been very motivated to put in the time to figure it all out. Maybe I should edit it for a 1 year anniversary of the trip..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Right after getting home, the adventure crew wanted to backpack to the Manzana Narrows! I’ve heard of this place but have never had the chance to visit! 10/10 would recommend! The hike there is really easy! It is pretty much uphill the whole way there, but the grade is only 2 or 3% so you don’t really notice it!

After that I made a few videos just going on random adventures and doing fun things around the 805!

One of the coolest things I got to go to last year was going to the Surf Ranch for the WSL event! If you ever have the opportunity to go to the ranch I would highly recommend taking it! Such a 1 of a kind place!

Then we started getting ready for a week in Zion National Park!

Zion National Park is by far one of my favorite places I’ve ever been to. If I could, I would live in Springdale and visit the park as often as I could! Maybe one day, but then again I think I would miss the ocean too much..

After that is when my Cousin Trevor and I started flying over awesome spots and taking photos! (Also one of the 3 posts from last year)

In October I went to a Bachelor party where I met the legendary BrandonFPV and started flying freestyle FPV drones! Thanks to Brandon now this is one of my favorite things to do whenever I get a chance! This video is from my very first time flying one.

The last video and the last post of last year, Trevor and I flew over the Hurricane Deck! It’s hard to say what my favorite way to see the Los Padres area is, but flying is hard to beat!

Heres to new adventures in 2019!

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