FLASHBACK FRIDAY – 122: Black Magic

I think it would be cool to break down my old videos and talk about what I was thinking when I filmed and edited it! To start this off, I picked one of my favorite Moto edits I have ever made! This one is from February 2nd, 2015, and has 232 views(4/19/19).

The video starts off with Strobe by Deadmau5. I was thinking that would be the perfect song to match the tranquil setting of the track getting watered down before it got tore up by everyone riding. The prep b-roll footage is broken up with @BSMITH122 picking me up and us heading to the track.

I thought it would be cool to have the 2 scenes cut back and fourth, showing the track getting prepped, and what we did on our way to the track.


The next part is when Billie is kicking his bike over and it doesn’t start the first few times. If I remember correctly he wasn’t too stoked on that, but when I edited Black Magic by the Swollen Members to restart each time his bike wouldn’t start, I THINK he was cool with it! I thought it was kind of cool!

After that we get into the riding portion of the video! One thing to note, this was before I had my own drone. I was slightly “borrowing” the one I had access to.. Which I am very thankful for! Without it, I don’t know where I would be today.

This video mixes it up between drone shots, GoPro chest shots, and ground camera shots filmed with a Canon Rebel t2i. If you watched the video and have rode that track before, you’ll notice that I tried to edit it all together as one complete lap. The problem with that was Billie would pass me in one spot, then I’d move, wait for him to go around, move, wait for him to go around, etc. So by the end of it, I don’t even remember how many laps he ended up doing.

I know we weren’t the first people to do this, but I had only seen a few people mount a GoPro like this. We took 2 pieces of flat stock and 2 GoPro mounts, one on the front of the visor, and the other on the back of the helmet. If I remember correctly the stock was a little over 3′, in order for the camera to be out past the handlebars. I really liked this angle. It really gives a good perspective of how much the bike moves around underneath Billie and how fast things are happening! Unfortunately it was pretty heavy and awkward so we didn’t use it ever again.

4 years later, I’m still pretty happy with how this video came out! If I was to re edit it again, I probably wouldn’t have made the intro as long, maybe added some drone footage of us driving in in the beginning, and now that I have newer cameras, of course added some slow motion! Thanks for reading if you made it this far! I hope everyone has a solid weekend! ✌🏼


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